The Unique Wines of Domaine Roulot

Lucien Michel | November 9, 2021

A Star in Meursault with Impressive Vineyard Holdings
A star both on the screen and in the vineyards, Jean-Marc Roulot’s true success has been in winemaking by establishing a name that resonates amongst wine lovers all over the world.
The unique style he has crafted, from the more traditional Meursault of his elders to a purer approach since 1989, has brought the estate to the very top-tier of the Domaines producing white Burgundy.
What impresses me is the finesse of these wines with real potential to age. The whole range has this specific signature: pure concentrated fruit, striking balance, and refined complexity.
We have an impressive collection of vintages and formats available. Give these a try to see the nuanced differences between each other; the terroir shines through in these wines.
Roulot also makes a confidential and fantastic Apricot liqueur! A favorite of our buyer, Victor.