The Low-Profile Meursault Master - Domaine Jobard

Vivian Liang | April 27, 2021

Vintage 2018
The historic Domaine Antoine Jobard remains one for those in the know in  the world of white Burgundy, with only 5 hectares of vines and its very limited production. Antoine (the son) maintains the family winemaking ethos passed down from generation with François (the father) who brought fame to the vineyard. 

The purist approach is still applied to please the conservative Burgundy wine lovers. The wines are elegant yet complex with great minerality and subtle richness. Bottle aging will bring some complexity and roundness, but the wines when young reveal to be approachable with a unique finesse to them.

In our 2018 allocation of Domaine Jobard; the Premier Cru collection that we have on offer is where you need to start to fully appreciate this producer. Poruzots will give you honey and almonds, Charmes will provide more floral notes, Blagny is more citrusy, and Genevrières showcases dried fruit and minerality. All of them keeping a generous and intense palate, without being heavy. 

With a yearly production of about 2000 cases only, try them before they are all gone.