The Cabernet Franc Specialist in Tuscany

Vivian Liang | February 23, 2021

Tenuta di Trinoro
Located in the Orcia Valley near Sarteano, where Tuscany meets Umbria and Lazio, the 200-hectare Tenuta di Trinoro estate is naturally isolated from other producers in Tuscany. Owner and winemaker, Andrea Franchetti, started planting vines in the 1990s and, since then, Tenuta di Trinoro has made a name for its Bordeaux blend, in which Cabernet Franc – yes, that’s right - is the leading star, while Cabernet Sauvignon plays a supportive role.  
Tenuta di Trinoro’s wines are famous for their concentration and expressiveness, which is thanks to prudent selection, high-density planting, low yields and well-managed ripeness. They are a pleasure to enjoy in their youth for their fragrance and opulence, while are perfectly capable of ageing.

The flagship wine is Tenuta di Trinoro – a blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Petit Verdot, with the proportions varying from vintage to vintage. This wine demonstrates the unique terroir of the estate. We have the 2009 and 2016 available, which are a lovely contrast between a youthful expression and some mellowed maturity. 2009 is stunning now, with both elegance and richness, while 2016 is bold and intense.  

The estate bottles three parcels of vineyards under their own names - Campo di Tenaglia, Campo di Camagi and Campo di Magnacosta, each known for their distinct terroir. All three vineyards are planted with 100% Cabernet Franc. Campo di Tenaglia is dominated with crumbled limestone and the wine shows amazing intensity, characterized by its charming spiciness. This wine is of great value for its quality. I recommend this for daily drinking! 

Campo di Camagi has more quartz and limestone soil. The wine is bright and energetic with lovely herb scents. 

Campo di Magnacosta is a vineyard  planted on river gravel and silt, at the bottom of the valley. The Cabernet Franc cuttings of Magnacosta came from a vineyard in Pomerol, where the grape has been grown for centuries. This wine shows great intensity and depth, with layers of complexity. All three wines are made in very limited quantities, only 1,500 – 2,000 bottles annually. I recommend comparing the trio all together if possible, for an exceptional vinous experience of Cabernet Franc by the hand of Andrea Franchetti. 

Last but not least, in our selection of Tenuta di Trinoro, Palazzi is Andrea Franchetti’s expression of Merlot which comes from a selection of old vines. This Merlot wine is beautifully made, which for me, is probably one of the greatest examples in Italy. It shows purity of fruit, with the perfect balance of intensity and elegance. 2016 is incredibly approachable now, but I have no doubt it will age gracefully. 

I invite you to explore our Tenuta di Trinoro range below.