Terroirs of Pomerol: A Masterclass in Merlot

Retail Team | September 9, 2023

In Bordeaux, it’s usually the classified growths on the Left Bank that attract most of the attention of drinkers and collectors. But for many of us, the great wines of Pomerol possess equal allure. The Merlot here gives wines of gorgeous succulence and velvety depth, easily placing them among Bordeaux’s finest.

We are pleased to offer a considerable range of vintages available from top Pomerol producers: Château Trotanoy and Château Lafleur-Pétrus. Of note, the 1995 Trotany, which stands as a testament to the aging potential of Pomerol wines, showcasing a harmonious blend of matured flavors and refined tannins; the young, sensational 2016 vintage; and the 2019 Lafleur-Pétrus, capturing the essence of a more recent vintage, displaying youthful vibrancy and a promising trajectory for cellaring.