Spring Riesling Selection

Vivian Liang | March 2, 2021

Fritz Haag - Carl Von Schubert - Egon Muller
With the unseasonably hot weather around the Chinese New Year, there is a feeling that Spring is in the air! So, now is the perfect time to refresh one’s palate with some delicate and bright whites. Personally, I am a big fan of Riesling for its versatility with food, its diversity in styles and its ability to offer a sense of terroir. I have selected a few of my favorites from Germany for you. 

Fritz Haag 
Located in the heart of the Central Mosel River Valley, Fritz Haag owns 17.5 ha of deep slate soils on Brauneberger hillside. This estate produces some of the most graceful and refined wines in the region and this 2012 Spatlese is a rare bottling, having come through Mosel's famed VDP's Auction. This wine is drinking superbly now, with lovely nose of honey, apricot and white flowers.


Weingut Carl Von Schubert 
This is an historic estate, situated on the left bank of the Ruwer river. The Von Schubert family has owned and run the estate for more than a century. The best of their vineyard holdings is considered to be “Abtsberg”, which was solely served to the Abbot of the Abbey of St Maximin. I recommend this stunning 2015 Abtsberg Kabinett, which also came through the VDP's Auction. I love the complexity and incredible intensity of this wine, whilst balancing with the rapier-like acidity.

Weingut Egon Muller 
The Muller family has been making Riesling wines since 1797 and is widely considered to be at the very pinnacle of German winemaking. Although Egon Muller is most famed for its world-renowned Scharzhofberg vineyard, they also make wines from the Le Gallais Estate, which often flies under the radar. This legendary producer has various styles to offer. 

The renowned Scharzhofberg Vineyard dates back to Roman times. Lying in the Saar Valley, this prime site is cooler than nearby vineyards, which leads to the grapes ripening later. These factors create Kabinett and Spatlese rieslings that are very intense and elegant, with a deceptive weight of fruit. They drink extremely well both at youth and with age. The basic QBA is perfect as aperitif, with subtle sweetness. The Kabinett goes well with a wide range of Thai dishes and the Spatlese can match well as an aperitif or with fruit based desserts.

The Le Gallais estate has been managed by the Muller family since 1954 and is located in the village of Wiltinger, which is the same as the Scharzhofberg vineyard. Le Gallais is very much an estate in its own right, with the Braune Kupp Vineyard considered a prime site. I love this Riesling for its well balance of elegance and richness, along with plenty of opulent fruits.