Quintessential Tuscan Brunello

Vivian Liang | November 30, 2021

Il Poggione – Lisini – Salicutti - Casanova Di Neri – Fuligni – Soldera

Hong Kong's winter has finally arrived and I know this not only because of the weather, but also with the return of our seasonal dishes – hairy crab, lamb stew, and all kinds of casseroles. 

My drinking selections are also changing with the season, and I crave Brunello's richness, silky texture, and fantastic freshness. 
The iconic town of Montalcino lies in Tuscany, 40 kilometres away from the sea to the West and 100 kilometres from the Apennine Mountains to the East. The Mediterranean climate is typical, consistently warm and dry during the growing season, with some continental influences from the mountains. The long hours of sunshine help the Sangiovese grape (Brunello is the name of the local clone) to achieve perfect ripeness.
Full of savoury red fruit characters and retaining the classic Sangiovese freshness and acidity, Brunello di Montalcino is very much a wine to go with food. It is an excellent match for seasonal winter dishes and local Cantonese dishes such as duck, goose and suckling pig.
See below for some of my go-to producers.