Pre-Arrivals: Maison Fang

Finna Sze | March 6, 2024

Today, I am thrilled to introduce a new winery from Burgundy, Maison Fang. Founded in 2017 by Chinese-born winemaker, Ming Fung, Maison Fang is an exciting micro-négoce situated in Meursault. Ming has been living in Burgundy since 2009, inspired by a family of dedicated wine collectors based in Paris.

What sets Maison Fang apart is Ming's meticulous approach. He personally selects top-quality grapes from meticulously managed, organic parcels. From pruning to harvesting, Ming is involved in every single step of the viticulture process, ensuring utmost attention to detail. With an annual production of approximately 5,000 bottles, Maison Fung is a testament to Ming’s passion and expertise.

The wines will arrive to Hong Kong in May 2024; we will contact you for pick-up or delivery once they are available.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this newly established winery with Sotheby’s Wine!

This offer is valid until 22nd March 2024. While stocks last. E&OE. We will contact you for pick-up or delivery once the wines arrive in Hong Kong.