Pinot Noir Temptation From California

Michel Lucien | July 2, 2021

Russian River Valley - Mount Harlan - Santa Rita Hills - Santa Ynez Valley

Pinot Noir has always been known as a very seductive grape that showcases its terroir like no other, as well as the purest expression of fruit. It can be so juicy, fruity, and lush, whilst retaining a delicacy and elegance - it is hard to resist!

In the United States, along the coast of California, one can find some truly fantastic interpretations of Pinot Noir. Generally coming from vineyards that are on top of the neighboring hills or close to the Pacific Ocean, they will retain the freshness of fruit and acidity thanks to their relatively cooler climates.

Our selection includes some of the finest producers in the area:

ROCHIOLI LITTLE HILL 2010 - Russian River Valley

Founded in 1983, and now in the hands of the third generation of Rochiolis, the wines are focused on taking advantage of the soil's diversity. Its profile showcases candied cherries and cherry-cola aromas. It has now reached its sweet spot, juicy and full of energy.

CALERA JENSEN 2013 - Mount Harlan

This comes from one of the earliest Pinot Noir projects in California in the 70s when Josh Jensen started trying to replicate and subsequently succeeded in creating Burgundian style wines in the US. This 2013 is just starting to reveal its potential. Complex, rich, intense, and structured.

SANDHI SANTA RITA HILLS 2017 - Santa Rita Hills

The partnership of the talented Rajat Parr and Sashi Moorman started in 2010. The idea was to achieve finesse and balance, while keeping great minerality. Red lush fruits, freshness (brought by the whole bunch fermentation), and power.

THE HILT OLD GUARD 2014 & THE HILT 2014 - Santa Rita Hills

Since 2004, under the new ownership of Stan Kroenke from Screaming Eagle, the estate has received a lot of investment. While the Hilt Old Guard will be more mysterious with dark berries, herbs, and spices, the Hilt will show you sheer drinkability with red berries and chocolate notes.

LIQUID FARM: SBC 2017 - Santa Ynez Valley

An amazing project led by Jeff Nelson and James Sparks, who want to show the real typicity of the terroir surrounding them. This wine is expressive, bursting with fruits, spices, and floral tones