Penfolds - The Australian Icon

Lucien Michel | May 27, 2021

Cabernet Sauvignon – Shiraz – Chardonnay
Established in 1844, the legacy of the Penfolds brand stretches across decades and continents. It has played a key role in the evolution of winemaking around the world, with a unique vision leading to several milestones, such as the recent Grange G-series releases (blending several Grange vintages in a quest for perfection), or creating a Baijiu infused Shiraz. Nowadays, this winery continues to make headlines for its great consistency and the continued improvements, serving as an example to many winemakers and estates.
Personally, Penfolds is an icon for its truly unique and characteristic house style; crafting intensely flavored, deep, and age-worthy wines across vintages and ranges, which you can appreciate with our selection below: