Online Exclusive: Royal Salute 21-Year-Old

Finna Sze | January 31, 2024

Born in Speyside in 1953, Royal Salute was created to celebrate the coronation of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The whiskies are known for their smoothness, complexity, luxurious presentation, and as a representation of a certain standard of quality, all Royal Salute blends are at least 21 years old.

The latest Richard Quinn Edition II is a deeper exploration of British Fashion Designer Richard Quinn’s iconic design style, showcasing his love for traditional floral patterns mixed with a touch of daring modernity. The whisky showcases rich fruity notes, elevated with hints of spice and gentle smoke characteristics, bringing a unique twist, and making it wonderfully balanced and opulent. Not to mention these special bottlings are perfect for gifting and collection.

The blended malt whisky harmonizes 21 precious single malts from the five regions of Scotland. It shows notes of sweet peaches and mandarins woven around hints of pears and blackcurrant.

The blended grain whisky is created by Royal Salute’s Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop. On the palate, it offers soft caramel, honey, and vanilla, along with notes of ripe pear and white chocolate.

Apart from enjoying these whiskies neat or on the rocks, you can also pair them with Chinese cuisine such as fish maw soup or fried tiger prawn. Join us in discovering the Sotheby’s Wine selection of Royal Salute!

This offer is valid until 29th February 2024. Orders will be ready to ship within 2-3 business days after confirmation. While stocks last. E&OE.