Mid-Autumn Festival Special Offer

Finna Sze | September 15, 2023

While the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches and everyone is preparing the mooncakes to celebrate this festive season, Sotheby’s Wine has selected a range of sweet wines to be the ultimate pair with this sweet treat!

Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake or Egg Custard Mooncake x Sauternes

The intense honey and dried fruit fragrances of Sauternes is a perfect match with the silky and nutty lotus seed paste in the traditional mooncake. The sweetness of Sauternes can support that of the mooncake, while the lovely acidity refreshes your palate!

Snow Skin Mooncake x German Riesling

The snow skin mooncake with chewy mung bean pastes and fruit flavours always brings freshness to our palate. It matches up with the elegant German Riesling, where the floral and citrus fruits in the wine complement the fruits of the mooncake.

Ice cream Mooncake x South African Muscat

Ice cream mooncake is generally sweet and rich with vanilla, chocolate, fruit or even matcha flavours, which goes well with the sweet and fruity Muscat. The ice cream melting the sweetness of the Muscat, and the fruitiness of the wine enhances the sensation on the palate.

Join Sotheby's Wine in discovering these sumptuous mooncake and wine pairings, with an additional limited-time offer!

This offer is valid until 30 September 2023. While stocks last. Offer cannot be combined with any other offers and excludes previous purchases. Taxes and fees will be charged where applicable. Offer may change without notice. Other conditions may apply.