Micro: Domaine Duroché

November 8, 2021 | Maxime Lecoq


Domaine Duroché has been on top of the list of Burgundy fans in recent years. Still, too few know about it due to its tiny production from only about 8 hectares.

The Domaine is now in the hands of Pierre Duroché, the fifth generation, who has implemented biodynamic and organic principles across the entire estate. An upfront, fruity style is accompanied by great depth, minerality, and drinkability. It makes these wines enjoyable from a young age and also gives you the confidence for great ageability. Real integration of the wood is the aim, with controlled use of oak, so the wines are brought to life rather than having an oak stamp imprinted on them.
The new release of the  2019s provides smaller quantities due to some frost in April. The rest of the year delivered a good amount of sunshine, combined with limited rainfall, which brought great concentration to the grapes and produced excellent whites and reds.
Domaine Duroché is difficult to get hold of, but here is your chance to stash a few bottles in your cellar.