Launay-Horiot: A Modern Approach to Burgundy

Lucien Michel | December 3, 2020

Exceptionally Appealing Pommard
The Côte-de-Beaune’s Pommard appellation can produce wines that can appear firm, rustic or needing more time in bottle than the wines of the neighboring Côte-de-Nuits. Indeed, these wines are arguably some of the most tannic in Burgundy.  

Recently, I tasted the range of 2017s from Launay-Horiot. a Domaine I had never heard of. Xavier Horiot, a veteran jet fighter pilot in the French Air Force, regained possession of his grandfather’s vineyards in Pommard after a decades-long legal battle. With the intent of reviving the untended vineyards, he was able to produce wine again in 2014. I was impressed by his wines: an exquisitely modern approach, resulting in very pure and appealing wines, these are already drinking well and offer a sense of place that is truly mesmerizing. 

We are delighted to offer you a range of three Pommard Premier Crus: Rugiens-Bas, which is the deepest of the range, a wine that can rival some very good wines of the Côte-de-Nuits. Le Clos Blanc is located next to the famed Epeneaux vineyard, and Chaponnières, situated just underneath the Rugiens-Bas vineyard and shares some of its characteristics. 

The terroir shines through in these wines and each of them offers a unique expression. This Domaine is certainly one to watch, try them side by side to see for yourself! Even the Lieu-Dits village Perrières is brilliant, this whole range revives the image of Pommard and puts the application in the spotlight for producing such exciting wines.