Hedonistic Margaux from Château Palmer

Finna Sze | May 23, 2023

Standing across the vineyards from Château Margaux, Château Palmer has long been considered second only to its neighbour when it comes to the finest wines of Margaux. Today, in spite of their proximity, the wines can be quite different. As said by our Master of Wine consultant, Nick Jackson, Margaux is all restrained nobility, while Palmer is one of Bordeaux's most sensual wines; an unabashed expression of Margaux's hedonistic perfume and velvety texture.

This week, I would like to introduce a special cuvée from Château Palmer, the Historical XIX Century Wine, first released in 2004.

The Historical XIX Century Wine is a blend of Bordeaux varieties from Château Palmer, along with some Syrah from the Rhône Valley. The addition of Syrah from the Rhône is not uncommon in the 19th Century and has the potential to bring power and structure to the wine.

Since not all the grapes come from Bordeaux, the wine is classified as a Vin de Table. As a Vin de Table, the wine does not carry a vintage, but the lot number has already implied the vintage of the wine.

In addition, the wording of Palmer and the château’s logo have both been removed from their historic label since not all the grapes come from their estate.

Regarding the wine, the 20.10 shows plenty of violets and blackcurrants. It is well-balanced, with a lovely fresh finish while the 20.19 is denser and more energetic. It shows more black fruit characters and spice; it can definitely benefit from a few more years of ageing.