Gaja: Barbaresco & Barolo

Lucien Michel | February 17, 2022

Barbaresco - Sori San Lorenzo - Costa Russi - Sperss 

Gaja has been making wines that define the region for over 160 years, and today the winery's legacy is now in the hands of the fifth generation with Gaia, Rossana, and Giovanni; they are the children of Angelo Gaja, the dynamic and charismatic figure who elevated the estate to a world-class level by breaking away from traditions held for generations.

These Barbarescos and Barolos have an indelible complexity allowing multiple layers that only time and patience will reveal.

The Barbaresco 2005 has silky tannins and exhibits cedar, chocolate, and mocha notes.

The Costa Russi and Sori San Lorenzo 2015 are top-notch Barbarescos that, despite their youth, show a supple drinkability. The Sori San Lorenzo impresses through its power and concentration, whereas the Costa Russi is more savoury and sophisticated. 

These 2015 wines will age wonderfully and I would urge you to secure some now for cellaring.

The Sperss vineyard is a concentrated Barolo with a touch of ripeness and splendid lush dark red fruits.