Elegant and Precise: Domaine Antoine Jobard

Lucien Michel | August 20, 2022

The historic Domaine Antoine Jobard was put on the map by Antoine after his full takeover in 2007. Whilst under the leadership of Antoine’s father, François, the domaine was modest with only 5 hectares of vines and very limited production. Today, the wines are sought-after by Burgundy lovers thanks to Antoine's hard work and dedication to refining the quality. The general philosophy is similar to that of his father, although earlier bottling and shorter barrel-aging allow the wines to be approachable younger and show less reduction.

The purist approach is still applied to please the conservative Burgundy wine lovers. The wines are elegant yet intricate with great minerality and subtle richness. Bottle aging will bring some complexity and roundness to the wines, but are very approachable when young with a unique finesse to them.

In general, Poruzots will give you honey and almonds, Charmes will provide more floral notes, and Blagny is more citrusy. All of them keep a generous and intense palate without any weight. Don’t miss the single vineyard Meursault or St. Aubin cuvées as these represent a lot of value.

Jobard’s wines never cease to amaze me with their balance and precision, try them for yourself!