Egon Müller and the Stellar 2018s

Lucien Michel | May 15, 2020

The Egon Müller estate is recognized for producing some of the finest white wines in Germany. Today managed by Egon Müller IV, the estate has been owned by the Müller family since 1797. The reputation of their exceptionally fine Riesling is an almost “too-perfect” balance of sweetness and acidity with an endless finish. The wines age for decades and often reach astronomical prices. 

The Stellar 2018 Vintage
The 2018 vintage in Germany produced spectacular wines that reached full phenolic ripeness while retaining freshness and balance. We are pleased to have received our 2018 Egon Müller allocation and share it with you.

What I love about Riesling is how versatile it can be--in terms of food pairing, of course, but also in terms of when you can enjoy it, tasting equally delicious either young or after many years of cellaring. For example, 2018 Spatlese level wines will age for decades: they may seem sweeter if tasted today, but will not lack in complexity or finesse when drinking them young.

From Egon Müller’s iconic Scharzhofberg vineyard, the Kabinett is an off-dry, refreshing wine to have over lunch, conveniently available in full and half-bottle format. Additionally, we have the Scharzhofberg Spatlese, which carries more residual sugar than the Kabinett and is put to excellent use as a dessert wine.

The Braune Kupp Kabinett is sourced from Egon Müller’s other Mosel plot, the tiny 4 hectare “Le Gallais”. Braune Kupp is often considered the second-greatest Wiltingen vineyard after Scharzhofberg, showing a riper fruit expression than Scharzhofberg. Tasting wines from the two vineyards side-by-side allows the differences in terroir to shine.

The QBA Scharzhof Riesling is made from young vines of the Le Galais' Braune Kupp and Scharzhofberg sites. Zippy with fresh green apples, this is a racy, off-dry white that is very enjoyable today but will also improve in the cellar.