Domaine Rene Engel

The Treasure of Vosne Romanee

By Lucien Michel | December 26, 2018

The wines of Domaine Rene Engel are soon to become somewhat of a lost treasure with the last vintage produced in 2004. As the prices appreciate and the number of available bottles depreciates, so does our chance to get our hands on these gems.

The late Philippe Engel was a pioneer in modernizing red Burgundies with his gentler use of new oak. Until his untimely passing in 2005, he worked constantly and meticulously to improve the quality of his wines. I have been lucky to taste a bottle of one of the three Grand Crus produced by the Domaine. I was immediately amazed by the purity and finesse of the wine. His wines display a rare elegance for the time yet are able to age gracefully. The level of quality can be compared to the very best of Vosne Romanee.

The stock we offer today is in exceptional condition and from original carton boxes. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy some of these elegant Grands Crus while they still exist.