Domaine Armand Rousseau: Conversation-Stopping Wines

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | July 12, 2023

Rousseau is one of those Burgundy producers whose wines can simply stop conversation around a dinner table; the lucky drinkers in awe of what is in their glass. For me, it’s the sheer beauty of the wines that strikes me every time; the stunning perfume and the radiant palate, shimmering with purity and complexity of flavour.

The big two Rousseau wines will always remain Chambertin and Clos de Bèze, which, in spite of merely being separated by a stone wall, always show different personalities. Compare the two over dinner and you’ll have both a magical and an educational evening. Next up is Clos St. Jacques, just a hair behind the Grands Crus, but a wine that is consistently wonderful, with its wild, untamed personality. Finally, don’t sleep on Ruchottes Chambertin, often overlooked; the 1996, tasted last year, was one of my wines of the year, its high-toned, mineral nose breathtaking.

Among our selection of Rousseau currently in stock, mid-weight vintages like 2014 and 2017 are already showing well, while 1996 and 2002 are approaching peak drinking now.