Dom Pérignon: Celebratory Champagne for the Holiday Season

Tom Baxter | December 7, 2022

Some say that there is Champagne and then there is Dom Pérignon. In a region where the wines are synonymous with celebration and finery, this prestige cuvée range of Moët & Chandon has come to reside on a different plateau for its sheer iconic status and ever-growing quality.

The wines present delicacy and precision of aromatics across the diverse range, from the classic Dom Pérignon right through to the much-adored rosé and the elaborate and imposing P2.

Sotheby’s Wine extends to you the opportunity to rejoice in this sensational range at a time when celebration and gathering should be the order of the day.

For any questions or if you would like to place an order, please contact our Fine Wine Account Manager, Finna Sze.