Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga Rosé

Retail Team | June 16, 2023

The creative dialogue continues: Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga bring a new creation to life, the fruit of their shared ambition to discover harmony in tensions, and create by juxtaposing polarities and dualities.

For Dom Pérignon there is an interplay between the personality of the year and the timeless aesthetic ideal, the dialogue of freshness and maturity, shadows and light. For Lady Gaga there is the clashing of cultural codes, the paradox between the popular and the avant-garde, seizing possession of the classical rules and bending them to push the boundaries of creativity.

The two creators manifest these expressions of tension in a limited-edition design for the 2008 vintage Dom Pérignon Rosé that feels to be in self-expansion. Its destructured shape pushes out from within, as though escaping its own form, giving the inflated metallic cover an ethereal quality.

The elements pull against each other harmoniously and capture the intense vibration appreciated by those who feel an emotional resonance with the creations of Dom Pérignon and Lady Gaga – an inspired collaboration first unveiled in 2021.