Didier Dagueneau

Vivian Liang | June 26, 2019

The "Wild Man of Pouilly"

A legend of the Loire and widely known as the "wild man of Pouilly", the Pouilly-Fume based winemaker, Didier Dagueneau was recognized as the finest producer in the region. Sadly, Didier Dagueneau’s life was cut short after he tragically died in an ultra-light aircraft accident in 2008. His son Benjamin has taken care of the estate since then.  

The Domaine’s reputation has built on the unrivalled concentration and complexity of fruit they have been able to conjure from Sauvingon Blanc – from vineyards scattered across Pouilly-Fume. Blanc de Pouilly Fume is a blend of multiple parcels aiming to produce a quintessential expression of the region and the entry point wine to the range. Buisson Renard is a step up in quality,  rounder texture and flintier in style. Both Pur Sang and Silex come from single vineyards and are fermented barrels - the opposite of how Sauvignon Blanc is traditionally made. In style, Silex is more smoky with greater acidity, while Pur Sang is more saline and richer.

Jardins de Babylone is Dagueneau's sweet wine made in Jurancon, the little known South Western region of France. The local indigenous grape Petit Manseng is used, and the wine shows charming tropical fruits, backed with refreshing acidity and toasted almonds on the finish. This is one of my favorite sweet wines.
A new parcel has recently arrived. I highly recommend you to try a few of them if you have not yet been a fan.