Clos des Lambrays

Undervalued Historic Grand Cru

By Vivian Liang | January 31, 2019

Domaine des Lambrays is a historic Burgundy estate that is named after the famed vineyard that it owns – Clos des Lambrays. At just under 9 hectares, it is the largest Grand Cru parcel in Burgundy under one proprietor. Even though the vineyard has a history dating back to as early as 14th century, it was only in 1981 that it was promoted to Grand Cru  status and since 2014 it has been under the ownership of the luxury group LVMH.

The actual vineyard is made up of three parcels of vineyards: Les Larrets, Les Bouchots and Le Meix-Rentier. Each parcel is tended differently based on its location and soil types and fruits are picked at different times to ensure ideal ripeness. Final bottling of Clos des Lambrays is a true representation of what this historic vineyard can offer. At its best Clos des Lambrays produces wines which possess the classical power of Morey-Saint-Denis both with a balance and finesse that more than live up to the Grand Cru billing.

With a history of being rather inconsistent, it was the introduction of winemaker Thierry Brouin in 1979 when the real potential of this great vineyard started to be revealed once again –when there was more focus on organic farming and less new oak, to allow the vineyard to do the talking!

Over the past few months, we have sourced a lovely collection of Clos des Lambrays that offers you a glimpse into this great vineyard. Both 2005 and 2015 are great vintages but they deserve more cellaring, whilst both 2011 and 2014 can be enjoyed in their youth.  With such a focus on Burgundy and current release prices soaring, I feel this great vineyard presently offers superb value for a historic Grand Cru.

Please enjoy our selection below: