Château Lafite-Rothschild 2017 to 1998

Lucien Michel | February 25, 2021

Ethereal Wines

The first growth that is so close to the heart of many in Asia, produced a sublime wine in 2017. Many critics are in agreement that it was the most impressive wine of the left bank and a contender for wine of the vintage. 

This is certainly one of the highest-ever proportions of Cabernet Sauvignon the estate has ever seen, coming in at 97%. The Cabernet Sauvignon achieved great ripeness levels this year: the tannins are very polished, and the wine is complex with layers of fruits and undertone nuances of charcoal, cedar, and floral hints. The alcohol level is at an astonishing 12.5%, considering the ripeness of the fruit. 

Eric Kohler, the Technical Director opted for very gentle extractions. He believes the unique personality of Lafite is “a spectrum of flavors rather than a strong expression of a particular one”. Lafite tends to be a little less muscular than other first growths, like neighboring Mouton or Latour, with a range of fruit developing over time. The 2017 is more restrained than the explosive 2016, but the precision,finesse and structure   promise an exceptional Lafite in the years ahead. This estate is often reserved in its youth, especially in vintages like 2017 - I find this restrained character interesting, as it will reward those who wait, and those who know!