Lucien Michel | June, 16 2020

An Exciting Range of Single-Vineyard Expressions

As a Champagne lover, I like discovering a grower Champagne that carries a sense of style and place. A critique of some single-vineyard Champagnes made without a high dosage is the impression that they are overly sharp and unpleasurable, leaving one to wonder if perhaps unblended vineyard cuvees and zero dosage is worth the trouble. This is certainly not the case at Chartogne-Taillet, whose truly exciting single-vineyard Champagne is strongly characterized by the terroir, showing texture and balance that makes them so appealing. Winemaker Alexandre Chartogne comes from a long line of Champenois lineage and studied his craft alongside the famed Champagne maker Anselme Selosse. 

I invite you to try these Champagnes of great character and sense of place whose artisan quality offers excellent value.