Champagne: Our Favourite Summer Tipple

Lucien Michel | April 30, 2022

With the sunny and warm days set to return, it's time to welcome back one of our favourite summer tipples: Champagne.

I like how versatile Champagne can be, either enjoyed by itself as a refreshing apéritif, or when accompanying food during a meal.

These two Champagne estates will serve these occasions perfectly.

Agrapart is a small grower of Champagne which has become very popular for its vibrant and terroir-driven cuvées. If you are fond of vinous Champagnes, full of energy and freshness, then this is a wine for you.

Dating back to 1818, this estate is still owned and managed by the original founding family. The range will cater to all tastes, with an ethos of quality, elegance, and complexity; the sheer drinkability is truly impressive.

Let's celebrate the summer!