Cayuse Vineyards

Lucien Michel | March 6, 2020

Purity and Power

An exciting addition to our portfolio, Cayuse Vineyards crafts terroir-driven wines of extraordinary purity and power. Originally from Champagne and well-travelled, Christophe Baron is the man behind these wines. Whilst wandering through the countryside of Walla Walla Valley, he discovered enormous untapped potential including soils containing “galets roulés” [rolled stone] reminiscent of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Christope began planting vines in 1997 at a time when no one else there was making wine, much less those in the Rhône fashion. However, the wines from Cayuse have proved just how right he was!  

These are wines with great power and fragrance balanced with freshness, reflecting a true sense of place. There is a specific minerality and identity to each wine as each Cuvée is from a specific vineyard. We are pleased to have secured an allocation of these highly sought-after wines from the Estate. If you are a fan of wines from the Rhône valley or wines of power and pedigree, I highly recommend them.
The Vineyards and the Wines:
Cailloux Vineyard— This 10-acre plot was Christophe’s first purchase in the Walla Walla Valley. It produces the flagship Cailloux Syrah.
En Cerise Vineyard—This 10-acre vineyard was formerly a cherry orchard, thus the name meaning “cherry”. The grapes for En Cerise Vineyard Syrah, Flying Pig and Camaspelo Bordeaux blends are grown here.
Armada Vineyard—Created in 2001, this 7-acre vineyard is known for its high planting density. Its grapes produce the Armada Vineyard Syrah, God Only Knows Grenache and Edith Grenache Rosé.
The Wallah Wallah Special series, offered only in magnum, is Cayuse’s only blend of Syrah from different vineyards. Stylistically akin to a classic Côte Rôtie, it is a gorgeous tribute with stunning length. The Wallah Wallah Special is limited in production and is offered on allocation basis only; please inquire if interested. 
Bionic Frog is the most powerful of the range. This Syrah cuvée, from the 4.5 acre Coccinelle Vineyard (French for “Ladybug”), will age gracefully for quite some time to come! These are on allocation basis only as well, please inquire if interested.