Bruno Clair

Lucien Michel | July 26, 2019

The Suave Wines of Bruno Clair

Bruno Clair belongs to the league of talented wine makers that really get me excited about the new generation in Burgundy.

Today the Estate is run by Arthur and Edouard, the sons of Bruno Clair, who continue in their father’s footsteps: no compromise on quality, looking for terroir-transparency and purity. Bruno was the one who put the Domaine on the map, inheriting vines from Domaine Clair-Daü, and acquiring more; he is famed for having drastically reduced yields through selecting only the very best vines for this purpose.  Results have paid off and over the last decade quality has drastically improved. The wines are just so suave and sensual. 
With an impressive collection of vineyard holdings, Domaine Bruno Clair is one to look out for. The Clos-St.-Jacques is to me, one of the top wines coming from famed walled vineyard. They also have just started producing Bonnes Mares, which showcases a powerful and promising Grand Cru with their very own house style. One I personally love is the Gevrey Chambertin - Cazetiers, known by collectors as a “baby Clos St. Jacques” this wine adjacent to the famous Clos and is similar in style, just approachable younger! What more to ask for? 
We have a collection from the Domaine for all budgets, from the village level to the top Grand Crus. All are interesting, and I advise you to try these wines.

We have 2 superb vintages on offer, the 2012s are starting to drink really well now and at a fair price compared to the 2016 which is a fantastic and promising vintage, perhaps a bit tight still for the top wines, but a vintage to collect considering the scarcity and quality across the board.