Artisan Côte-Rôtie from Marie et Pierre Bénetière

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | June 28, 2023

Pierre Benetière is that rare thing in the northern Rhône: an old-school, artisan winemaker, producing wines of stunning individuality and character. As larger companies try to buy up as many vineyards as possible in the region, Benetière holds on to his properties in Côte-Rôtie and crafts intense Syrah wines using traditional winemaking techniques such as whole cluster fermentation, the inclusion of 5% Viognier and only 20% new oak.

Cordeloux is from grapes in the southern part of the region and grown on terraces carved out of granite by Pierre himself 30 years ago. The result of place and winemaking is a particularly aromatic style of wine, with excellent concentration and a savoury finish. For northern Rhône adherents, Benetière is a must-have.