Antica Terra – Ceras and Botanica 2012

By Howard Lee | August 2018

Antica Terra’s winemaker Maggie Harrison worked as an assistant winemaker at the cult Californian wine estate, Sine Qua Non, for almost a decade prior to joining Antica Terra. She has brought the experimental spirit from California to Oregon and created a huge following of their expressive pinot noirs.

The two Antica Terra Pinot Noirs offered feature very distinctive and differing styles yet both are equally brilliant. The Ceras has pronounced mineral and herb aromas on the nose, with raspberry and red berry notes present on the palate, combining in a lengthy finish. Meanwhile, the Botanica gives us a totally different experience with stunning floral and fresh berry notes up front while maintaining a more mineral like intensity through the palate and finish.

I tasted the two wines side by side and they showed us terroir can be displayed beautifully in New World Pinot Noirs too. The two wines are both at its best and very enjoyable, and I would recommend you trying them side by side as well!