An Italian Icon - Masseto

Michel Lucien | July 13, 2021

In Tuscany, close to the village of Bolgheri, lies the historic Masseto estate. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the winery takes its name from the ‘masses of clay’ that constitutes the terroir or ‘masso’ in Italian. The sea influence brings a breeze of freshness to the vines which adds a certain balance to the wine with an added layer of complexity.

Created around the same time as Ornellaia by founder Marchese Lodovico Antinori, the first vintage released was 1986 and it instantly became one of the most sought-after wines in Italy. To add to this iconic status, the winery was even dubbed ‘Italy’s Petrus’ with the resemblance of the terroir composition from the Pomerol estate along with the single varietal composition of Merlot.

Vibrant, rich, profound, rare, and mysterious are words that come to my mind when trying to describe this wine. We have many different vintages and formats of this gem, including the mighty 2016, here is your chance to drink or collect a wine that will reveal its mysteries today or in decades to come.