2017 Sotheby's: Bourgogne Blanc

  • Sotheby's: Bourgogne Blanc Limited
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Producer: Françoise et Denis Clair

Lot 200: Named Lot 200 because Jean-Baptiste Clair joined the domaine in 2000.

This is a classic white Burgundy that balances richness with minerality. It is produced by the Clair family, a small family property we have been visiting for years which has an established track record of producing classic, enjoyable, terroir-driven wines. This Bourgogne Blanc delivers far more complexity and depth than you find in standard Bourgogne Blanc because it is actually made from Jean-Baptiste Clair’s 1er Cru Frionnes vineyard in St. Aubin. It is perfect as an aperitif or with seafood, fish or chicken. 

Tasting Note

Victor Rabot
A high quality white Burgundy that punches in way above its weight, as it is actually declassified from a 1er Cru vineyard. Mineral-driven notes laced with lemon and lime, showing structure, depth and finesse. Excellent balance of richness on the palate with a bright mineral finish. This is sunshine in a glass.

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