Inside Burgundy: by Jasper Morris MW


Limited Copies Left! Sotheby’s Wine has teamed up with Berry Bros & Rudd Press to offer Inside Burgundy by Jasper Morris MW, one of the world’s leading experts on the wines of Burgundy. Sotheby’s Wine is the exclusive US retailer of Inside Burgundy.

Inside Burgundy is a serious book for serious wine lovers. Offering unrivalled insights on the vineyards, the wine and the people, the 656-page book covers 1,000 specific vineyards from grand crus to obscure plots. It is written by an expert who combines three decades of intimate on-the-ground knowledge of Burgundy with the healthy skepticism of an international wine merchant.

Jasper Morris is a Master of Wine, Burgundy expert and critic. He has lived, breathed, bought and sold Burgundy since 1981. He has a home there, he makes his living there. He has built up over 30 years the kind of exact, on-the-ground knowledge that only someone based in the region can acquire. He founded Morris & Verdin, one of the UK’s leading Burgundy importers, which he sold to Berry Bros & Rudd in 2003. He was Burgundy buyer and Director of Berry Bros until he retired in 2017.

Alongside his treatment of the vineyards, Jasper brings out the role of the vignerons and today’s influence on them, and thus their wines. We learn the histories, their philosophies, their relationships (so many cousins, so many marriages, so many tangled inheritances – as Jasper says, the book really demands the subtitle ‘The Sex Life of Burgundy’).

The wine maps surpass anything previously published in English. They have been produced to match Jasper’s work in breadth of coverage and depth of detail. Wine lovers crave information and judgment: Inside Burgundy offers unrivalled insights into just why this small slice of France yields the world’s most treasured wines.