Inside Bordeaux: by Jane Anson


Sotheby’s Wine has teamed up with Berry Bros & Rudd Press to offer Inside Bordeaux, an innovative new guide to the châteaux, their wines and the terroir of Bordeaux, written by Jane Anson, one of the world’s leading experts on the wines of Bordeaux. Sotheby’s Wine is the exclusive US retailer of Inside Bordeaux.


While countless books have been written on Bordeaux, with so much happening there, from the innovative practices of next-generation winemakers, to the rise of organic and biodynamic viticulture and terroir-led winemaking, Jane sees Inside Bordeaux as an opportunity to take a different view of the region.


The book takes readers beyond what they may already know about the region: there are the châteaux, great and small, the wines and the personalities. But Jane also draws upon recent – and literally ground-breaking – research by experts at the University of Bordeaux to profile the terroir of key châteaux and appellations. This research, some of it as yet unpublished, will give readers vital insight into which wines will excel in which years.


Jane Anson’s comments:

“This is the first book about Bordeaux (certainly in the English language) to have such a focus on the terroir of the region – and more importantly to draw clear and useable links between the soils/microclimates and why the wines taste the way they do.


To create the book we have worked with Professor Kees van Leeuwen and other leading experts to produce 58 entirely new maps, illustrating for instance, the gravel terraces of the Left Bank, and the limestone plateaux of the Right Bank, and used this to explain what these phenomena mean for the wine in the glass and for different vintages.


The maps are beautiful as well as useful, and unfold so that readers can see, side by side, the landscape, the châteaux – and the terroir that lies beneath them.


Of course, I have included the classified estates in the book, but readers will also find in-depth write-ups of brilliant emerging properties in Fronsac, Lalande-de-Pomerol, Francs Côtes de Bordeaux, Haut-Médoc and so on. I have tried not to focus too much on the history and more on what is happening in these estates today – who is running them, what is new, why you should care, what you can expect the wines to taste like. There are over a thousand châteaux  and wines in the book, and every single one I have chosen because I think there is something interesting to say about it.”


Within its 708 pages, Inside Bordeaux has new aerial photographs of the region taken by Jason Lowe, and 58 brand-new, full-colour maps, including sets in ‘gatefolds’ – a first for wine publishing. For Bordeaux-lovers it will prove a long-term companion, covering not just the newest trends but also older vintages: an invaluable guide to finding quality and value across the world’s largest fine-wine region.


Published by BB&R Press.