Château Lafleur remains something of an under-appreciated wine among Bordeaux lovers. This is mysterious because Lafleur is simply one of the region's great wines; arguably second only to Pétrus in Pomerol. Perhaps the reason is that Lafleur is not quite like anything else in Bordeaux; it has a particularly strong individual character.

Lafleur's distinctive style is due in part to its brilliant Bouchet (some of Bordeaux's finest Cabernet Franc), which contributes a huge, floral, spicy nose to the wine. On the palate, the supple Merlot fruit emerges, but not in blockbuster form. Lafleur is a wine of finesse rather than power, displaying intricacy and detail rather than density. These virtues are showcased in the vintages we have available, which lean towards freshness rather than power.