Unfined, Unfiltered: Just Fourrier

Sara Sparks | April 14, 2021

Transparent and Transcendent Pinot Noir

The wines of Domaine Fourrier are a favorite of sommeliers, and the reason is simple. Jean-Marie Fourrier has a distinct purpose in the vineyard and in the cellar he is quite hands off. The wines are utterly drinkable and delicious, impressively showing the typicity of their vineyard and vintage. 

I often remark that it’s what goes into a wine that makes it so special. But, with Fourrier, the intrigue comes from what isn’t in the wine, and that list is quite long.

No grapes from vines younger than 30. No fertilizers, no sulfur. Barely any new oak. Jean-Marie prunes so heavily in the winter that there is no need to green harvest in the summer - the practice of trimming off excess bunches in order to concentrate those left on the vine.  These strict measures result in wines that are complex, intriguing, and intense. With flavors that enchant while young and old, Fourrier is a producer whose wines you want to drink immediately and drink later, too.