Try Two New Wines by Michael Cruse

Independent Winemaker Breaks Tradition & Affirms It

By Sara Sparks | January 29, 2019

California has more to offer wine lovers than round fruit and full-body. Independent winemaker and California native, Michael Cruse, hopes you’ll discover the same once you taste his affordable expressions crafted to showcase the best of his west coast resources and iconoclastic vision for Golden State wine.  

You might expect to find a juicy red like the one below to come from the middle of France; in fact, the blend of Carignan, Valdigué, Tannat and Syrah has a distinct flair all its own. Utilizing lesser-known grape varieties from old-vines gives Cruse the plot twist he’s looking for and prices his bottles lower on the shelf. Pure dark fruity flavors belie a very dry palate and long finish. Share with friends over a table of artisan cheese and meat and carefree conversation.

Cruse’s handling of Chardonnay gives a new perspective to this California classic. Old barrels are employed for aging and the finished wine brims with floral and delicate fruit character and layers of texture on the palate.

Introduce Cruse Wine Co. to your beverage rotation and explore a side of California you may have never tasted before.