Thrilling Margaux: Rauzan-Segla

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | October 17, 2020

An Ascendant Star

If one property in Margaux has excited critical attention in recent times, it is Rauzan-Segla. Yes, we can discuss the biodynamic regime at Palmer, across the road, or the increasingly beautiful wines from Brane-Cantenac, a mile or two away. But Rauzan has moved from being a consistent if underwhelming performer in the 1990s, to being one of the Left Bank’s most exciting wines today.

The quality improvements began when the Wertheimer family of Chanel purchased Rauzan-Segla in 1994. And since the turn of the millennium, the wines have been very good, achieving their zenith in the back to back excellent vintages of 2015 and 2016. (In fact, the 2015 generated more excitement, but to this taster’s palate, the precision and purity of the 2016 edges it). 

Try the 2001 for a mature, classic expression; the 2008 for greater freshness of fruit; the 2010 for power combined with finesse, and the 2015 and 2016 for future glories. In keeping with its Margaux origins, Rauzan is more about elegance than power, and the wines are accessible from 10 years old.