Three Decades of Glorious Gaja

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | August 18, 2022

The Gaja wines of Piedmont are among Italy's most thrilling, year by year. The story is well known by now; while variously rule-breaking, iconoclastic and controversial, few have ever doubted the sheer quality of these wines. The Gaja style is one of profound aromatic expression, intensely ripe, spicy Nebbiolo fruit, and an almost limitless capacity to age.

From Barbaresco, the single vineyards, led by the great Sorì San Lorenzo, are dazzling expressions of this great terroir. From the Barolo region, Sperss (a powerful style from Serralunga) and Conteisa (from the Cerequio Vineyard between La Morra and Barolo) show great finesse and elegance alongside great concentration.