The King of St. Julien: Leoville Las Cases

Nick Jackson, MW Consultant | October 5, 2021

The Magic of Las Cases

One of the great moments when driving around Bordeaux is ascending the D2 from the small village of St. Julien up to the monumental archway of Leoville Las Cases. The famous gateway stands atop the hill and peers imposingly down on the driver and on the great vineyard over which it stands guard. This vineyard is the secret to the magic of Las Cases: filling the slope between the road and the river Gironde, few are so well sited on deep gravel soils as this one.

On the north side, the vineyard borders that of Chateau Latour, over the boundary in Pauillac. And that's when you understand why Las Cases tastes like it does: deep, velvety, perfumed, powerful Cabernet; often among the longest ageing of all Bordeaux, but always worth the wait. Try the wines at 20+ years of age for an experience of Cabernet at one of the variety's great high points.