The Great 2015 Vintage in Tuscany

Five of the Best

2015 is not just a great vintage across Italy, it’s also an important one. Important because the style of wines in this vintage are the best expression yet of where Italian wine is at present. Having moved away from the heavy, oaky style of the noughties, Italian winemakers are now moving into an era of transparency to grape variety and terroir. And in a warm, sunny vintage like 2015, the wines produced are glorious. I haven’t tasted a bad one yet.

While the top Piedmont reds won’t arrive for another year, we have a good range of 2015 reds from Tuscany. For the sake of ease I have selected five of the best at a range of prices. Buy a few of these and you will be richly rewarded. 2015 Tuscany is simply the most single exciting vintage since 2010, and may in the final analysis prove to be superior. See for yourself!

Best Wishes,

Nicholas Jackson
Wine Buyer