The Glorious 2015 Burgundies of Michel Gros

A Glorious Range of Michel Gros 2015's | Nicholas Jackson | 07 March 2018

The more 2015 Burgundy I taste, the more wonderful I think the vintage is.  What’s unique is the combination of perfectly expressed, pure terroir notes on nose and palate and the succulent, juicy fruit of the year. Usually you might get one (if you’re lucky) – to get both seems almost too much good fortune.

The 2015s of Michel Gros must be his greatest ever set of wines.  We have long loved the Michel Gros wines for their terroir specificity – if you want to know what Vosne-Romanée tastes like, for example, try a Michel Gros Vosne – but in 2015 this seems to be taken to another level.  And quite frankly, for the prices, these are some of the most outstanding value wines in Burgundy today.  Not cheap – this is Burgundy, after all – but worth every penny.

Nicholas Jackson