Stellar JJ Confuron 2015 Burgundy

Subtle and Beautiful

Of all the 2015 Burgundy arrivals in the past few months, we have particularly anticipated that of the JJ Confuron wines. Confuron is a producer we have supported for many years thanks to a combination of fair pricing and outstanding quality. Yet, the family's wines remain under the radar. Indeed, we are one of the only American retailers to sell the brilliant 2015s.

So what to expect of the wines of JJ Confuron? Above all, purity of fruit expression which reveals terroir so completely. These wines are totally transparent to their origins. I have long loved the Nuits St Georges Fleurieres, a wine with an almost haunting nose and such detail and subtlety on the palate. The Chambolle Musigny is gorgeously perfumed, while the Premier Cru Nuits St Georges Chaboeufs combines beauty and an intellectual complexity.

Nicholas Jackson