Spirits to Savor: Drinkable & Collectible

Sara Sparks | May 23, 2020

Scotch - Bourbon - Whiskey

The slowed-down pace of summer offers an ideal setting to sip and savor the spirits you have always wanted to try. Whether a limited release, like a 1980s vintage distilled Macallan, or a small production bourbon like Pappy Van Winkle, get excited to relax with a glass of rare whisky or brandy while catching up with friends over a call or sitting in the afternoon sun with a gripping book. 

The Van Winkle whiskies from Kentucky showcase the mastery of generations of bourbon-makers. The old stashes of 23-year whiskey are some of the oldest American Whiskies on the market, and are certainly some of the hardest to find. 

The Macallan is a Scotch so revered it garners respect at the mere mention of its name. The trademark sherry casks used for these drams lend an expert level of invigorating spice with additional flavors of honey, dried fruit, nuts, and cinnamon. 

Perhaps the secret of French brandy’s appeal is the combination of masterful winemaking and intuition for how long to age the brandy in fine French oak. Both the Tesseron and Hennessy domaines carry on a legacy of Cognac-making that pulls from centuries of passed-down knowledge, giving us the benefit of their carefully honed skill. Farther north in France, the Marc de Bourgogne from Guy Roulot is an oak-aged expression made from the grapes of Burgundy’s prized vineyards.

In the summer months I might slip a cube of ice into my tumbler to coax subtle aromas from the spirit I’m drinking, because after all, a whiskey lover doesn’t need to limit enjoyment to the winter months. Order today to secure the bottle you’ve always wanted, and relish in the enjoyment to come.