Remembering Gianfranco Soldera

Case Basse 2008: The Sangiovese That Survived

By Sara Sparks | March 22, 2019

An impassioned grower-producer with an uncompromising vision for his 100% Sangiovese wine, Gianfranco Soldera passed away at the end of last month. Soldera was a vocal anti-interventionist in his winemaking and a diligent farmer in the vineyard. Many consider his wine to be an ethereal representation of Tuscany, in his opinion the bottles could age 50-60 years at least.
In late 2012 an angry ex-employee vandalized Soldera’s cellar, draining giant barrels in the winery to destroy nearly 6 vintages of Case Basse (2007-2012).  His wines were plenty rare before, and now every remaining bottle is a testament to this inimitable viticoltore.
Soldera officially left the Consorzio di Vino Brunello in 2013. Convinced of the singularity of his wines, he preferred labeling them “IGT Toscana” than the more prestigious appellation of Brunello di Montalcino Riserva. 
With a very limited amount of 2008 Case Basse, we are pleased to be able to offer this rare expression of Tuscany to our clients.
Salute Gianfranco!