Scintillating Sauternes for Dinner

Sauternes Spells Savoir Faire 

By Sara Sparks | December 11, 2018

Sauternes, the dessert wine of Bordeaux, is easily the rarest in the region and the most difficult to produce. When the variables of vintage permit, Sauternes invites an experience of flavor, aroma, and texture so profound it transforms the perception of sweet wine.

Sauternes has concentration and intensity, the ideal foils to full-flavored, hard-to-pair foods. Serve beside Thai curry or Peking Duck for an ethereal dinner, or with soft cheeses and liver parfait before the meal. Fresh fruit with delicate granita is a suitable dessert to showcase the wine as well.


To experience Sauternes at its best, I prefer to drink this full-bodied white with food. With some experimentation to find your perfect pairing, Sauternes could become your go-to wine for any dining occasion.