Elegant and Vibrant Barolo: Paolo Scavino 2013
By Graham Tucker | Deccember 4th 2017

Nebbiolo is a distinctive and expressive grape - although normally light in color, the wines are complex, robust and nuanced. And while they can exhibit more delicate aromas, the palate is layered and evolving. 2013 in Barolo was a vintage that allowed Nebbiolo to truly standout from its predecessors - the cool conditions resulted in wines with palpable finesse, harmony and elegance. The year is being heralded as a classic and benchmark for the region.

There is no finer example of the approachability and accessibility of the 2013 vintage than Paolo Scavino’s regional level Barolo. The wine is youthful and fresh. The bright floral aromas lead the way to flavors of black cherry, herbs and smoke. Scavino stays true to form here - their wines are always classic and terroir driven. A true standout and a rare young-Barolo that delivers immediate satisfaction.