Rostaing’s Classic Cote-Rotie

If you seek the spicy perfume of Syrah, the intoxicating wines of René Rostaing are what you should be looking for.  
Working in his Côte-Rôtie vineyards for nearly 50 years, René had long been coaxing the most expressive and potent berries from his vines before guardianship of the land passed to his son Pierre. Emanating from a glass of Ampodium, his entry level bottling, are red fruits, herbal tea, and a range of spices--flavors that awaken you to the intoxicating power of the Northern Rhône.
Among his stable of wines, La Landonne and Côte Blonde are hidden gems. For these opulent bottlings, Rostaing chooses from his parcels where the oldest vines grow. Ageworthy and limited, these are wines to collect whenever you see them.