What We are Drinking...

Nick Jackson, MW | July 9, 2019

Rosé the Day Away

With Memorial Day behind us, we are officially in rosé season, and while increasing numbers of us are drinking the pink stuff year round, if you are a firm adherent to the vinous calendar, it’s time to start thinking about what to fill your fridge with for the next three months.

For anyone who has been visiting Europe for decades, rosé has long been a staple of the dinner table in the summer. What’s surprising is the way that it has conquered the world in the past decade. What changed? A range of factors have been mentioned, including: social media, and Instagram in particular, where pictures of rosé elicit a torrent of likes; increasing consumption of rosé by men; rosé’s adaptability as a wine – it pairs easily with numerous types of food, and even adds colour to a cocktail.

There is plenty of rosé from elsewhere in France, including the structured Bordeaux style, or, a personal favourite, the rosés made from Pinot Noir – either from Sancerre or Burgundy, where the best rosé village is Marsannay. Pinot Noir is a variety with such a light touch that it is a natural choice for rosé production: the silky texture and delicate red fruit character are a deliciously tempting combination. But whatever rosés you choose this summer, drink what you enjoy and relax. ‘Tis the season, after all.