The Best Second Wines From the Right Bank of Bordeaux

Second Wines of the Right Bank | Graham Tucker | 6 Mar 2018

Last week we highlighted many of the best second wines from the Haut Medoc. Today we are excited to cross the Gironde River onto the Right Bank and discover the best second wines of Pomerol and St Emilion. To reiterate, "second wine" does not mean "second best." Second wines undergo the same rigorous standards of their much more expensive counterparts in the Grand Vins and provide an opportunity for the consumer to enjoy the terroir and style of the best estates at approachable prices. And best of all, they offer immediate satisfaction!

Whereas Cabernet Sauvignon reigns the Haut Medoc, Merlot is the star on the Right Bank; Merlot is ofter the softer between the two grapes. Right Bank wines can be incredibly complex and evolving - they display subtle black fruit, plush and silky tannins, a firm structure and characteristic herbal and smoky flavors. And because of Merlot's intrinsic softness, the wines are delicious and approachable in their youth.

Although the list below showcases the Right Bank's top second wines, they also represent some of the best wines from St. Emilion and Pomerol.

Graham Tucker